MASTER LIST of last minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is tomorrow and you don't have a costume? 

No problem!!! Halloween costumes don't need to be as elaborate or expensive. The key in choosing a costume is to be clever and think outside of the box. Stay away from the traditional cookie-cutter costumes and venture into the ironic, play-on-words or satirical. And that is much easier anyway, right?

Here is your ultimate list of other people's lists of last minute costume ideas for your Halloween needs. 

1. Flannel shirt 7 different ways

2. BuzzFeed's 51 cheap costumes

3. 70 costumes for women

4. Broadway themed costumes

5. Eyeliner, lipstick and colored hairspray is all you need

6. 40 worst Halloween costumes (language warning)

7. Illusion costumes

8. Wordplay costumes

9. British inspired costumes

10. Musical inspired costumes

11. Lazy girl ideas

And there you have it! Get creative and tell me what you decided to do for you 2014 Halloween costume.

And to see what I'm wearing for Halloween, follow my on Twitter and Instagram during my Halloween evening for real-time updates.

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53 ways to find yourself { outside of motherhood }

Sometimes you just need a swift kick in the pants to get out there and try something new, right? Getting out of your comfort zone can be really challenging when we've settled into the crazy and complicated world of parenting. But I'm here to tell you, you need to!

Remember how we talked about the 5 reasons you need something outside of parenthood? Parenthood sometimes sucks every bit of life from you. It's an amazingly rewarding pursuit and one to treasure, but it shouldn't be all that you are, but a part of the whole you. And here at The Acting Mom, I am about helping you find and nurture all parts of you!

Let's expand on that today and push you to start something new! Here are 53 ideas to get you thinking outside of your day-to-day grind and thinking in a new direction.

Tiffany Bagwell Photography

1. Go out for dinner with friends.
2. Start a book club.
3. Visit a local art museum.
4. Join a gym.
5. Sign up for a 1/2 marathon.
6. Go on a bike tour.
7. Scrapbook your honeymoon.
8. Take an adult piano lesson.
9. Buy a fashion accessory you never thought you could do.
10. Sleep under the stars in your backyard.
11. Go for a walk at a new park.
12. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
13. Attend a Bible study (or another religious event) at a new church.
14. Buy a new cookbook.
15. Try being a vegetarian for a week.
16. Watch a documentary.
17. Do a pub/restaurant crawl with your husband.
18. Start a month long project and stick to it.
19. Write a letter to an old friend and mail it.
20. Visit a new city.
21. Attend a symphony.
22. Bring cookies to your local fire department.
23. Try your hand at growing an herb garden.
24. Visit the beach, alone.
25. Plan a mom's night out.
26. People watch with notepad and write what you observe makes people happy.
27. Go rock climbing.
28. See a local live theatrical production.
29. Grab your camera and take unique photos of your town's downtown.
30. Visit a local vineyard and sample some wine.
31. Try your hand at knitting.
32. Start a blog.
33. Enter a contest.
34. Get a new haircut
35. Take a swing dancing class.
36. Paint or make your own pottery.
37. Check out a calligraphy book from the library and try your hand at it.
38. Teach a Sunday School class.
39. Sign-up to be an independent consultant with a direct selling company.
40. Work on reducing your environmental impact.
41. Find a local culinary class.
42. Take a weekend away from your family and "find yourself."
43. Try a complicated culinary feat, like a crown of lamb.
44. Attend a carnival/fair by yourself.
45. Plan a dream vacation, chronicling all the details.
46. Write a children's book.
47. Buy a hammock and create a backyard oasis.
48. Visit the circus.
49. Paint a painting.
50. Take a voice lesson.
51. Throw a chocolate sampling party.
52. Host a clothing swap.
53. Try a new shade of lipstick.

These might seem like random endeavors, but they are all about one thing: getting out of the norm. Trying something different will get you thinking about YOU. How you feel in new circumstances. What you like. What you hate. So often we think about what the kids like and are comfortable with that we aren't really in tune with our own feelings and likes.

Time to stop that and discover what you like! What are you going to try first?

p.s. Want to know how fashion can make you a better mom 
or tips for finding YOUR non-mom identity?

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TRUE STORIES // I have brown skin, brown eyes and brown hair.

TRUE STORIES is a guest post series sharing honestly about adoption and foster care. My hope is to create a culture of support for the adoption/foster community.  If you would like to share your story, click hereToday’s post is written by Ranee Gorgans

"I have brown skin, brown eyes, brown hair and tall.  My parents have blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, and short.  But yet these are my parents and this is my story, my adoption story.

On a Sunday night in December a phone rang, what was on the other end of that phone was a scared 19-year-old girl.  Teresa had a 3 year old son, an abusive relationship and a daughter on the way.  She knew she had 2 options, the first an abortion, and the second to give her little girl away to a life she knew she could provide.  She decided that she would talk to her community college teacher, and if she didn’t have the answer she would make an appointment at Planned Parenthood. 

Her teacher listened to her story and knew what she had to do, she had to find a home for that baby.   After talking and praying to some people she heard of a couple, didn’t know them personally and only had a phone number.  She gave the phone number to Teresa, and when someone answered she blurted out, “Do you want my baby?” 

Sam and Bonnie couldn’t have kids and believed that that was their fate, to devote themselves to teaching and pastoring other peoples children and that’s how they would leave their legacy in this world.  But when that phone rang, Bonnie felt the tug on her heart that this was her moment to become a mom.  And after a couple days of prayer, counseling sessions and talking to their families they said yes. 

On their 8th wedding anniversary, Bonnie came home from shopping for Sam to another phone call that said it was time.  Waiting in the hospital hallways they paced until finally the doctor came out and took them to a room where I was waiting.  I never saw my birthmother and to my knowledge she never saw me.

Growing up I was read those books “You are adopted and loved” and it was never a secret that I didn’t come from “mommy’s tummy.”  Of course I didn’t fully understand it, I knew that I was different from them but I never got it until 1 morning before kindergarten when I was shown a picture of a woman that looked exactly like me.  I didn’t understand why she wasn’t there, I didn’t understand why she was never coming to get me, all I had was 2 pictures and a letter that I was read.

As time went on I struggled a lot with my situation, I was never fully told the real story, all I knew was that my parents said yes to a phone call and that was it.  When I turned 21 I decided it was time to find the answers out for myself.  I called the lawyer that handled my case and he sent me everything he had.  I sat in a room with my mentors and we read and cried.  I learned that Teresa was being abused, was addicted to drugs and knew that she couldn’t support herself let alone a new baby.  I learned that she loved me with every fiber of her being  and she wasn’t given me away, she was giving me a life that she never had.  It was at that moment my perspective changed, I no longer was stuck with these people that I thought were obligated to take me.  I was loved by not only 1 family but another one out there somewhere. 

Everyone has a family, everyone has a story and this was mine.  It took a long hard road to accept mine but now I proudly can say these are my parents, this is my family and only God could have written this story."


Thank you, Ranee for sharing your perspective. Too often we only hear from the voice of the one doing the adopting and it is very important to hear from those who have been adopted. I appreciate your honesty in telling your story.

Much can be gained from hearing, valuing and seeking to understand what it feels like to not know who or where a birth family is and how isolating it can be to look different from an adopted family. Adopted families need to hear these realities and work to be better at giving their adopted kids a safe place to talk about these concerns.

Would you like to contribute your own adoption/foster story
It can be humorous, heart warming or an honest struggle. 
Submit your story here.
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