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When I was contacted by eShakti about partnering together to try their customizable dresses, I jumped for joy! I am already a HUGE fan of their site, having pinned many dresses in my wish list and purchased two of their dresses this past year. Any time people ask me where to go for modern dresses with a vintage twist, I send them to eShakti.

As you guys know, I'm a huge advocate of moms taking care of themselves by staying active in the fashion world. Too often we pour all we have into our little kiddos and we get lost along the way. One way I don't let this happen as a mom to four young kids is by taking pride in my appearance for myself.

For me, dawning a dress is just what I need to make my day a little brighter. And here in sunny, humid, sticky Florida, a dress is built-in air-conditioning. Winning!

I asked my Facebook followers to vote on which dress I should choose from eShaki from four options. There were lots of votes, lots of ideas as to why a dress suited me or would be most flattering to my figure. But in the end,  the bubble check dress was the fan favorite. So to www.eshakti.com I went!

I customized it by adding cap sleeves and shortening it to knee length. I'm so glad I did! My arms are an area my eyes are drawn to when I'm scrutinizing pictures of myself. We all have that one spot, don't we, that makes us cringe? Well, for me, it's my arms. By adding the cap sleeves to the traditionally sleeveless dress, I solved my self conscious feelings and can wear it with nary a thought. I just love my figure looks in this dress.

One of the MANY things I love about eShakti is how durable their dresses are. They are high quality garments that won't fall apart after a season of wear. All of their seams are strong and their dresses are very well constructed.

And did I mention every dress comes with pockets?!?!?! Yes!!! They do! I love this feature because as a mom on-the-go I can throw my phone and keys in my pocket and keep up with my crazy gang.

This was my first time trying their customize option and it couldn't have been easier. On most of their dresses you can adjust the neckline (scoop, v-neck, sweetheart, etc.), sleeve type (none, cap, 3/4, etc) and adjust the hemline according to your height (because we all know knee length on someone who is 4'11" is vastly different than knee length on someone who is 6'1"). It's almost like having tailor made clothes. Oh the luxury!

I am extremely happy with my selection and thank you to everyone who voted! What do you guys think? What dress would you buy? 

p.s. Here is a coupon code "theactingmom" exclusively created for you, my awesome readers to get 10% OFF when they shop at eShakti – valid from 04/25/2015 – 05/25/2015 

Please note:
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(All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.)
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All actors are narcissistic.

We have to be. There has to be something within the actor that compels them to think that they are so fabulous, so fantastic, so amazing that they continue to attend audition after audition, facing rejection after rejection without giving up. There can be no other explanation except that an actor is narcissistic.

Well, maybe the full definition doesn't directly apply to actors exactly, but there is something to this. Have you ever talked to an actor? Think about it.

That picture above? Taken at one of four auditions I had this week. See what I'm doing? Standing in line waiting. Most of my time as an actress is spent waiting to audition. Waiting to prove that I am perfect for the job. Waiting to show that I have what it takes to make their production/ film/ commercial amazing and profitable. It isn't as glamorous as everything thinks. It's really just a lot of waiting.

To give you an idea of the tenacity it takes to pursue acting professionally, I'll give you a small glimpse into my foray back into acting professionally after a 6 year break.

8 agents contact
2 rejection emails
5 never responded
1 agent interview and signed
28 Christian production companies contacted
4 emails back
24 never responded
0 jobs as a result
34 emails submitted for various film/theatre projects
5 auditions
1 pending theatre casting
0 film castings

And this has just been in the past two months. Those don't include the auditions/work through my agent. The above list is just my personal pursuit of advancing my career. That is a lot of rejection in just 2 months! I have theatre auditions lined up for the next couple of months, but I know it will be more of the same. Interviews and rejections. The life of an actor!

Do I think I'm talented? Yes.
Do I think I should get the job? Yes.
And that's why I keep doing it.

The majority of my career as an actress will be interviewing for jobs I'll never get. It's a strange world, but it's what makes my heart sing. Well, not the brush-off part. That part can kick you while your down if you aren't careful. But the actually doing what I love part is pretty amazing. Story telling is my passion and I can't wait for the opportunity to do that with a like-minded group of artist.

So, I keep knocking at doors, asking if I can go play with them and create something great.

Here's to knocking. Do you want to go play?

p.s. I'm in a production of Footloose, playing Vi Moore. You can buy tickets here.

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My life, according to Instagram

Instagram is my preferred social media, but you already knew that. I really do love it. Gorgeous pictures. Easy to browse. No one is selling me anything... well.... except those "It Works!" people... but, I still love it!

There are no obligations to follow back. My Instagram feed is 100% my choice of what I want to fill my screen with and I love that. Did I say that already? I can't help myself. The truth rings out and when I want a brain break or a diversion or just something pretty to uplift me, I turn to Instagram.

So I thought I would share a snap of my life, according to my favorite social media. Here is it:

From top left all the way to bottom right:

1. Decision, decisions! My photographer, Bagwell Photography gave me so many options to choose from for my new headshots.

2. Happy Easter from the Barber family!

3. Getting some Starbucks with Tiffany after we finished my headshots. Great friend!

4. I did a 1950's inspired shoot, polka dots, red lips, pearls and all!

5. With my mother-in-law in for spring break, we picked 36 pounds of strawberries.

6. I'm officially a soccer mom! My two oldest are signed up and ready to go.

7. Beach trip with an adorable new vintage-inspired suit from Target.

8. We won tickets to the Bay Area Renassance Fair from Macaroni Kids.

9. I have the best husband! (And I just love this shot by Petal and Vine Photography)

10. Mister Cool is now on his second cast and it should be off in 2 more weeks.

11. Throwback Thursday to a year ago when I was getting dressed to play Fantine.

12. It was a horrible day, so I packed the kids and drove until we hit the coast.

There you have it! You've caught up with my life since I haven't been blogging as much lately. The other thing that has been happening is auditions! I have been auditioning for commercials, films, and theatre. Auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. I'll keep you posted as I get cast, but the best place to stay up to date with my acting is on my new website.

Thanks for being such a great blog community, and don't forget to keep up with me on Instagram!

p.s. did you read about how I met my husband mud wrestling?

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