Gifts for book lovers { kids AND adults }

We kind of love books around here. Well, that might be an understatement since half of my husband's double major was literature. Books can be found in every room in the house, including in the hallway and kitchen. Everyone in my house can't get enough of books! 

The only thing that would really cement our love of books is to actually transform our entire house into a library, which is actually a great idea!

Books are timeless gifts. We keep our Christmas gift shopping to something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. I stumbled upon some of these book-themed gifts while deciding what to buy for our family and just had to share them with you.


1. Pride and Prejudice and board book from Baby Lit
I actually bought this for my daughter. I mean, Jane Austen was the inspiration for her middle name so it seemed like too cute of a gift not to buy. And the paper dolls are age appropriate my almost kindergartener.

2. Complete adventures of Curious George with audio books
We own this as a part of our homeschool curriculum and adore this children's classic. The car is a great place to use the audio books while running errands.

3. Wind in the Willows hand painted wooden toys
Unique and based on the beloved story, these intricately detailed wooden figures would be a hit with any fan of the book.

4. Tell Tale card game
Create stories using their 120 different colorful illustrations and four game variations to improve creativity, listening and language skills.

5. Edgar Allen Poe action figure
There are several different popular authors developed into action figures including Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare.

6. I'll eat you up, I love you so wooden baby teether
"Where the Wild Things Are" has charmed many families over the years and this baby teething ring is just perfect.

7. Personalized storybook
With over 25 different stories to choose from, this is the ultimate in personalized gifts.


1. Book Map
A street map of 600 English literature books placed on a turn of the century London map is a classy and timeless gift that doubles as a stand-alone piece of art work.

2. Personal library kit
What book lover doesn't fantasize about being a librarian? Now they can personalize all of their personal library with this all inclusive library kit.

3. Parody book lover match boxes
Bathroom humor in a literary way sounds like a great gag gift for the book lover in your life. There are three options to choose from in this Etsy shop.

4. Recycled rice bag tote bags
This is environmentally friendly and a fair trade way to carry your books back and forth from the libarary. In many different designs from elephants to koi fish to camels, you will find something that strikes your fancy.

A cookbook of cocktails with a literary twist. With drinks like "Cocktails of Two Cities," "S(ide)carlet Letter," "Romeo and Juliep," and "The Cooler Purple" it is sure to amuse and test your literary knowledge all at once.

Puzzles and books have one thing in common: time. Combine the two and you have hours of fun ahead.

This gift does double duty as a book for literary lovers and those who enjoy the Star War's movies. 

Tell me you aren't smitten? I am totally in love with all of the items listed! {swoon} Have any other ideas for gifts for book lovers? Share your great finds in the comments below!

p.s. Check out this easy DIY Christmas gift.

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I don't have the patience to be a mom.

Patience in motherhood go hand-in-hand. There is not a more sacrificial relationship than that of mother to a child. And I get to fill that role for four young people for the next 15 years.

It just occurred to me as we were having our third rough day in a row and I was yelling and threatening to take down our Christmas tree, that I do not have the patience that is required to be a mother.

I see other mothers talking to their kids in calm, collected tones while they stay composed and throw in a Bible verse for good measure. All while instilling deep truths about character and integrity. And I'm at the other end of Target gritting my teeth and doing my best scream/whisper I learned in acting class while my face turns red and my blood pressure rises. And all my kids are learning is that their mother is about to loose it... again.

This motherhood thing is hard. You think I would have figured it out by now, but I think a part of me was hoping they would just get better. That this day to day grind would become easier. Or that they might all miraciously be replaced with rebot replicas that actually remembered my commands and the rules of the house. But I have news for anyone who thought like I did: IT DOESN'T GET EASIER.

Physical demands may go down as my kids are able to do more, but the amount of energy they take does not decrease. Add onto it day 5 of sickness, including a sick Mom and Dad, both parents working and there is not a shred of patience to be found in this household.

During these times, I hold onto one truth. It is actually written on a little chalkboard in my bathroom as a daily reminder.

"But He gives us more grace."
James 4:6a 

That's all I got. I don't have the energy and stamina to keep up with four kids and all that life throws my way. But I do have faith that God has more grace than I ever will. That truth might not make me act better, but it is comfort to know.

And when the patience goes out the window, it's all I got. And I'm praying that it's enough.

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#WOWsummit 2014 recap

#WOWsummit was an amazing weekend! Moms Meet put together such a pampering time at Caribe Royal in Orlando, Floirda for their 2014 conference. I was unfamiliar with Moms Meet and #WOWsummit until the opportunity fell into my lap to attend. And I am so glad that it did!

If there was ever a conference designed with me in mind, this was it! Not only did I have the opportunity to sample great products from companies like  Zevia, Flunada, SweetLeaf, and Solgar, I also got to learn from amazing speakers like Robyn O'Brien, Suzy Stauffer, Aviva Goldfarb and Heather White. Talk about a lot of information about healthy living, taking care of yourself, environmental impact and what to do at meal times! I took pages and pages of notes from each speaker and workshop I attended. I'm still mulling over what I learned and working to implement the great tips these lovely ladies shared. And of course, working up some blog posts highlighting great resources for all of you!

#WOWsummit with The Acting Mom

This was my first ever conference as a blogger and I tried my hand at vlogging. There is nothing quite like filming yourself in a public place talking about the event you are actually at. I see now why so many YouTubers are in their young 20's. It is a little odd, but I think the vlogs turned out to be a fun, upbeat way to show the conference and my time at it. And my amazing husband edited these together within a couple of hours of the footage being delivered to him. Here are my vlogs from #WOWsummit 2014.

The speaker that made the biggest impact on me was Suzy Stauffer. I share a lot on this blog about finding a non-mom identity and taking care of yourself. This is something I feel very passionate about because I know that I need it to have enough energy to be a great mom. When Suzy posted a picture of herself with her book the night before the conference started, I just about dropped my phone. The title is "Women First, Mothers Second" and I was thrilled to receive a copy at #WOWsummit. Suzy and I connected through Instagram before the event and then at a workshop she gave. Our conversation felt like old friends reconnecting. I can't wait to dive into her book and share it with all of you!

#WOWsummit with The Acting Mom

#WOWsummit with The Acting Mom

Most conferences have an exhibit hall and I throughly enjoyed that at this conference! I enjoyed being able to sample food and products I had seen in the store but never ventured to try. And the best part was I got to talk to the reps who truly knew the products. Check out my vlogs to see which products I liked the best. As an attendee of #WOWsummit 2014, I walked away both days with a huge goody bag full of amazing products for myself and my family. Below is just the stuff I received on day two.

And the best part was meeting new people and connecting with other bloggers. I even made a conference buddy, Abbe Brown from The Mostly Disney Mom Blog. It was both our first time to a conference and we just clicked.

#WOWsummit with The Acting Mom

I was very sad when the conference was over. Hopefully next year I will be able to attend again. I truly and honestly can not recommend this conference enough. Between the incredible line-up of speakers to the stunning resort to the loads of free products, this is one that is worth every penny to attend. 

p.s. Do you know that I love once a month cooking and a blogger in Japan shared her 3 favorite books.

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